Recyling Bin Crafting

In our book Create Your Own Happy we have a fabulous activity that encourages kids to make a recycling monster from their recycling bin.

You can take a peek at Rainy Day Mum where Cerys and her family had a go at this and created a lovely robot form their rubbish called …Rubbish. He is pretty fabulous and they did a great job and had a lot of fun. Below is a dog my daughter made – so cute!

There are a lot of benefits to recyling bin crafting


Recyling Bin Crafting


You have all the materials to hand

There is not running out to the shops to get what you long as you also have some glue and sellotape to hand you have all you need- so you don’t even have to leave the house and really can craft any time your recyling bin has stuff in it!


You don’t need to strive for perfection

older kids can get self consious about their art and struggle with concepts opf perception and accurate representation ( often down to schools celebrating  photographic like arttempts of drawing as being the only art form) You cannot create perfectly or naeatly form the recycling bin so this art is by its very nature a bit random and imperfect and this can  encourage all kids to get stuck in!#


It’s free

It is free and how fabulous! Craft materials can be pricey and this is not.


Using what you have

Teaching kids to make the best of what they have and avoid consumerism is a brilliant life lesson that (from food to craft materials) will serve your kids and the environment well.


It makes recycling fun

Children can get a bit bored when we bang on with messages about the environment. Crafting from your recycling bin makes the recycling message an easy one to pass on but makes it all sorts of fun at the same time.


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