How to make a happiness collage

What we focus on matters

It is a proven fact that what we think about most can become our reality as it gets bigger and bigger in our mind and demands more and more of our attention.. You know what it’s like, perhaps you buy a red mini cooper and suddenly everyone has a red mini cooper? Well, the same goes for when you have a worry. The more you think about it and the more you talk about it the bigger it becomes.

What we give our focus to matters.

This is a really important concept to teach to children.

What they give their attention too, really matters!

Hence making a happiness collage and keeping it on display is a very good way for them to fill their head with happy, positive things.


happiness collage, create your own happy


Take a little look at this video and then why not introduce this activity to your child. Maybe you could both make a happiness collage side by side, with a little popcorn and some happy music in the background? It is often enlightening and surprising to find out what makes other people happy.


How to make a happiness collage


What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Something to stick with  – glue/sticky back tape
  • An old catalogue/stash of cards that you don’t mind cutting things out of
  • Felt tips/pencil crayons


How to make the collage

There are no rules. This project belongs completely to the making – it is purely about gathering togtehr words or images of things that make them happy. It can be on a huge sheet of paper or popped on the page in the book. No style or sill reuiredit is all about the happy.


And then?

Once the collage is made it can be popped on your child’s bedroom wall, adorn the fridge or stay safe and snug inside their book for them to refer back too. I rather like the idea of a happiness scrapbook where happiness pages can be done over time and a child can look back and see a whole book full of things that make them happy.


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