5 super speedy happiness boosting thoughts

Here are some happy thoughts by some wise people to give you a happiness boost.  Here’s wishing you a happy day x

happiness boosting thoughts


So maybe you could watch a funny film today, gather in some cool jokes form your friends, remember something silly that once happened and share that story with someone.  It is so good to laugh.



Have a look right now at what you have and where are. What are you grateful for, what makes you happy. Is your home warm, do you have a someone you love close by, is your belly full? Be happy right now with this moment.



Sometimes we have friends, work, habits or hobbies that makeus sad. And sometimes we have to just let them go. This can be hard, we tend to like the comfort of what we know but oh to be free of what makes us sad..makes us happy.



The key to joy is simplicity we don’t’ t need fancy holidays or the lastests phone. Make a list , a big list of the simple  things that make you smile. Now  find a way to fit at least 3 of them into your day today. Happiness is simple.



Our thoughts are so powerful, aren’t they?  and we have control over what we think about all the time. Try thinking  that you want a drink and your body will go get you one. Try thinking about happiness and all the good in a situation and you will inevitably feel and be happier.  Your in charge of this. Your happiness is your superpower.


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